We maximize the benefits you deserve as a corporate occupant.

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Proper Representation

You've spent a career - sometimes a lifetime - choosing yours and your firm's direction. You know what you want. Now, how do you get it?

We only represent you: the Corporate Tenant. We will make it materialize.

Welcome to Badger Blaireau Inc.

What makes your decision the right decision?

As it relates to your facilities, your premises, many, many factors.

What will drive your decision? Often, budget.

What is required? A balance: Image, employee needs, functionality, client requirements, competitive edge, transportation, services, environment, geography, etc. and, as always, the bottom line.

How does one achieve this balance? Knowing where costs must be reduced, limited and removed. Maximizing the value of each rental dollar to harmonize efficiently with all your needs: no unexpected, please!

Housing your operations is often the second or third greatest expense you have. When renegotiating or relocating your existing premises, doesn’t it warrant treating it like the year’s biggest decision? Shouldn’t each item be reviewed and negotiated so that you get what you pay for... and more?

There’s nothing more insulting than finding out, too late, that you are paying for something that someone else is getting for free.

The first step to achieving value is discerning what you need and what you wish. The second step is knowing how to acquire these without additional expense.

The third, is to marry requirements to opportunity and expertise. We do all these things.

We aren’t humble about our successes, but in our initial meeting we’ll state that nothing negotiates better than time; and time will be used to attain all that you desire.

For all of the above, we will invest our time, on your behalf; not waste yours.