We maximize the benefits you deserve as a corporate occupant.

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Tenant History

Three decades ago, tenant representation made its mark in the corporate real estate field... and what a difference! Landlords and vendors have had to come clean and admit that their property is worth nothing without your tenancy.


What does that mean for you? Value. Getting what you want, or encountering hidden costs. You, your employees, your clients, your shareholders all deserve to benefit from your real estate decisions.


Serving our clients

Badger Blaireau discerns your requirements and, with your perspective as a beacon, develops your wish list. We have nothing to sell; we help you buy.

With Badger Blaireau carrying your standard, you're winning when you walk in.

Here are examples of how we serve our clients' needs:

Refurbished useable space
: We point out that post-transformation modifications have altered the ratioof useable1 and rentable1 areas. Within 2 minutes of entering prospective premises we saved our client $450,000 of rent, by successfully challenging the architect's measurement techniques.

Building under renovation: Our lease negotiation allowed our client to occupy its premises for 3 years without paying any rent!

Lease renegotiation: Using our best ally, Time, we reduced the rent to less than half the asking price. Our client saved $5,000,000 from what it was willing to pay.

Land purchase: Using an innovative approach, we finessed a land transaction for our client, at 1/3 of 1% of the price of the only comparable purchase in downtown Montreal that year.

Operating costs: We modified the landlord's heating specs. This increased employee comfort and reduced energy costs by 84%.

Flexibility: When our client triggered an option in its lease, it received $3,100,000 in compensation.

Badger Blaireau Inc. offers a quarter century of Tenant Representation on 3 continents.

Rentable 1 area includes the usable 1 area plus the premises' proportion of common areas (often 15%).