We maximize the benefits you deserve as a corporate occupant.

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Tenant Representation

There's always someone who says: "I can get you that!". What does that mean in commercial real estate? It means that there's always someone who's willing to make a buck on your dreams; It's not a pretty picture. When you hear the early warning signs: "No problem", "Trust me", "My friend", "Honestly", run the other way.


Tenant Representation

Why have you been referred to this site?

If your answer is that you are a Corporate Tenant, that you need
advice or assistance with a commercial lease or purchase, you've arrived.

When do you refer to your lease?

At its termination, or when you need to know your responsibilities or your obligations. Other than that, it sits in a drawer.

When do you need to know the responsibilities and the obligations that are hidden in your lease?

When you face change in your premises' requirements; when you face financial assessments for the health and profitability of your firm (your lease may be your 2nd largest expense); when you receive a notice from your landlord.

What steps do you consider when contemplating improving your leasing position?

Generally you ask someone who knows; you speak to brokers, to landlords, to colleagues and friends. Then you wish you had a specialist who could convert your knowledge into reality: benefits for you and your firm!

What results do you expect from your inquiries?

The truth? Expectations lead to disappointment. The only truth is your objective assessment of the facts, and we will provide them.

Unfortunately, in the world of corporate real estate your sole role is to be someone else’s cash flow and profit. Doesn’t seem very sane, does it? Why should you be treated in any other way than being the most important part of the commercial real estate industry?

Isn’t it a shame? No other firm offering to assist you places your interests first. Badger Blaireau is the only firm whose mission is to represent Corporate Tenants exclusively.

What do you do?

Explain your particular situation to us, and your needs and our raison d’être will become one and the same: to create a lease that is an asset, not a liability.