We maximize the benefits you deserve as a corporate occupant.

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Why Badger Blaireau

Every real estate transaction generates a commission.  But who receives it? Shouldn’t it be you (or your representative)?

Why Badger Blaireau Inc.

How does Badger Blaireau serve your interests?

We ask; we listen; we question; we develop a picture of your corporate requirements as they pertain to marketing, production, personnel, services and budget.

We assess how the market will best serve the foregoing: you try it on for size; you view options, compare the variables, measure the fit and criticize the pros and cons of each. We fine tune the researched options to test their competitiveness against your benchmark: your corporate health.

Once we have collected the totality of those factors that will meet your occupancy requirements, we tailor the documentation. This is where flexibility is created. Our contracts are peerless; they have been drafted with one goal in mind: to serve your interests.

Negotiations are often described as successful when both parties are happy.
Sounds nice… but what do you really want and need in a negotiation? Value;
- that means getting what you pay for; not paying for what you don’t need;
- it means maintaining flexibility after the transaction is concluded and signed;
- it means satisfaction and permanence.

Following the conclusion of your tenant-oriented lease, you will have the comfort of knowing that every opportunity has been evaluated, every question has been answered, every need has been satisfied and you will benefit from the flexibility that you need and deserve.

Without you, the corporate occupant, commercial real estate is worth nothing.

There are two things that negotiate better than Badger Blaireau. The first is time (we will strategize how to use it); the second we will divulge when we meet.

Let’s review the keys to a successful negotiation on your behalf:

- (By far) Assessing who you are and what you need;
- Receiving advice from sources that solely have your interests at heart
- Negotiating (not bluffing) a lease that meets your needs in the short and the long term
- Regardless of the effects of real estate, your lease will be an asset, not a liability.

Badger Blaireau has decades of experience achieving these goals for its clients:
Corporate Tenants.

We are the only real estate advisor that solely represents corporate tenants.

All our contracts are the result of referrals. We would be delighted to share...